Because we source large quantities from large companies and various European purchasing channels, we can keep the price extremely low in most cases. In addition, we deliver all of our products digitally, eliminating the shipping costs that are normally associated with it.
We propose credit card (Visa, Mastercard) & Paypal
KeyCheap only supplies legitimate activation keys, therefore all our activation codes comply with European legislation and are sourced from the EU. You will also receive an invoice as proof of purchase. Only the product key to activate the software and the installation instructions will be sent via email. Data carriers or COA will not be sent. You will receive a proper invoice including VAT and proof of the activation key. The products offered have been checked as part of the trade control obligation.
Activation codes will be emailed immediately after payment. Occasionally it may take a little longer than indicated. There can be a number of reasons for this, but please don't panic right away. He's on the way! Should something go wrong, just contact us! TIP: Also check your spam folder!
The software activation offered here was originally offered on the market in the European Economic Area for unlimited (unlimited) use by the rights holder Microsoft, namely in the form of a downloadable product key. In short, with the activation keys you purchase from KeyCheap.one, you can also use all the services as if you were buying the same software new. The only difference is that you can save a lot by buying a used software. The European Court of Justice and German courts have been dealing with the duration of usability for a long time, but also with the question of how long the manufacturer, in this case Microsoft, can claim the use of the software or the licenses. After several judgments, most of which already went in the same direction, the courts agreed that the software manufacturer waived all rights to the license when selling it to the consumer and thus no longer had any influence on the resale of the license.
Not sure if your PC is suitable for Office 2019, for example? Then get in touch with us and we will check with you whether your PC is suitable for a certain type of software. You can easily contact us via live chat or via one of our other options.
We refer you to our return and guarantee policy page. This clearly states what is possible and what is not, or what is covered by the guarantee and return conditions.
Please go to "My Orders". (You must be logged in to do this.) and then click on the desired order. You can find the overview at the bottom of the page: Print or save this order. There you can save your invoice as a PDF or print it out.