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Delivery time: Immediately, up to 4 hours
Subscription: 1 year
Warranty: 1 month
Quantity: 1 private account
Support: via email, ticket
Device: Mobile Phones, PC, Tablets, Laptops, Smart TV’s
All languages ​​available

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📌 Please don’t change anything on the (Profile Name, Password, Payment section).
📌 You can use the allotted profile only, but don’t add profile or rename and put pin codes on it
📌Account language can be anything.
📌The language can be changed while watching the video, it is forbidden to change the language in the profile
📌Violating the rules may forfeit your warranty

Buy CyberGhost VPN at the best price!

1. How to buy a cheap CyberGhost VPN account?

Buying a cheap CyberGhost VPN account on is a seamless and straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit our website,
  2. On the homepage, navigate to the “VPN Accounts” section.
  3. Look for the “CyberGhost VPN” option and click on it.
  4. You’ll see different plans and prices. Choose the one that suits your needs.
  5. Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Complete your payment. We accept multiple payment methods, including PayPal, credit card, and Bitcoin.
  7. Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive your CyberGhost VPN account details via email.

2. Where to buy cheap CyberGhost VPN accounts?

You can buy cheap CyberGhost VPN accounts right here at We provide legitimate and working accounts at a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere. Our mission is to help you save on expensive subscriptions while ensuring a smooth and secured internet experience.

3. Which countries are CyberGhost VPN subscriptions the cheapest?

CyberGhost VPN costs vary slightly across countries due to differences in currency exchange rates, taxes, and regional pricing strategies. However, the price difference is marginal. At, we strive to provide affordable CyberGhost VPN accounts regardless of your location.

4. How much does a CyberGhost VPN account cost?

At, we offer CyberGhost VPN accounts starting as low as $2.99 per month, a significant saving compared to the regular subscription price of $12.99 per month charged by CyberGhost. Remember, prices may fluctuate based on market conditions and availability.

5. What is CyberGhost VPN Premium?

CyberGhost VPN Premium is a premium subscription plan offered by CyberGhost. This plan includes features like access to over 7,000 servers worldwide, high-speed data service, 24/7 customer support, and the ability to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously. When you purchase a CyberGhost VPN Premium account from, you get all these benefits at a much lower price.

6. Why should I buy a CyberGhost VPN account?

A CyberGhost VPN account offers numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced privacy: It masks your IP address, thus protecting your online identity.
  • Security: It secures your internet connection to protect your data from hackers and snoopers, especially when you’re using public Wi-Fi.
  • Access to restricted content: It allows you to bypass geo-restrictions, enabling access to content that’s blocked in your location.
  • High-speed streaming: CyberGhost VPN is optimized for fast, reliable streaming, perfect for watching your favorite shows without buffering.

7. How can I get a CyberGhost VPN account without paying?

Getting a CyberGhost VPN account without paying isn’t ethical and could lead to legal repercussions. However, CyberGhost does offer a one-day free trial that you can avail of before deciding on a paid plan. For long-term, budget-friendly access, we recommend purchasing a cheap CyberGhost VPN account from

8. Is there a way to get a CyberGhost VPN free trial without a credit card?

CyberGhost VPN generally requires payment information for their free trial to avoid misuse. However, you can use certain virtual credit cards or PayPal (in some regions) if you prefer not to use a regular credit card.

9. How to get CyberGhost VPN without a credit card?

If you want to purchase CyberGhost VPN without using a credit card, offers various alternative payment methods. These include PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency options. Just select your preferred payment method at checkout.

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